The goal of our school adoption program is to help educate young Annang kids by providing them with a conducive learning environment. We adopt a nursery or primary school within an Annang community, assist them in securing and furnishing a school’s library, providing them with a librarian, furniture, text books, leisure books, and other learning materials.

New Library at St. Dominics Inside the library
New library at Wesley Primary School Librarian at Wesley Primary School


Our school adoption program began in 2005 as a project initiated by Foundation member, Patricia Umoren. Patricia Umoren led an effort withing the Foundation to create an annual fundraising event called Walk-For-Books walkathon. The Walkathon takes place anually in August/September to raise funds to buy books and supplies for primary schools in Annang land. This event has continued anually since it's initiation in 2005. Members raise funds by asking friends and family to sponsor them to walk at the Walkathon. Sponsorship is usually done per mile walked or as a flat donation to the Foundation.

It is the vision of the Nto Annang Foundation Baltimore Washington to enable children to read more and have supplies that will enable them to compete in Akwa Ibom State and ultimately Nigeria and the world. While our organization is raising about $2000 per year from the walkathon, we are only able to support a limited number of schools. Our approach therefore is to heavily invest in a handful of schools so that they become centers of excellence within their respective communities.

Current and Past Schools:

The schools we have sponsored so far are:

  • Wesley Primary School in Ikot Ebak, Essien Udim Local Government Area
  • Qua Iboe Church Group Primary School in Abak Itenghe, Abak Local Government Area
  • QIC Group School in Ikot Otong, Urua Inyang Local Government Area
  • St. Dominics School, Adiasim, Essien Udim L.G.A.